Report v Wells

Somerset Golf Captains

The match was played on Tuesday 15th August, on a lovely late summers day and the course

could not have looked better. This match is always great fun being really a home fixture for  both teams.

Match One

Here we had the battle of the officers of SGC, with Jim Scott and Chris Warcup for SGC taking on George Davis and Wells 2017 Captain, Stuart Mann. The result was a "gentle" win for the Wells boys.

The camera managed to capture Jim and George's swings, full of grace and power.

Match Two

Second out was Erica Klim and Phil  Slater who took on David Bate and Mark Moorfoot for SGC. A trend was already emerging, and prisoners were not taken again by Wells, who also won this encounter.

Match Three

SGC Skipper elect Andy Carter, took a bullit for the team and played alone due to another team member becoming ill over night. He played against Steve Rowse and Colin Mantle ( Seniors Skipper at Wells) and lost in magnificant style, with his opponents comenting on his awsome driving

Match Four

For SGC Paul Hucker and Les Kew were matched against "Tiny" Loxton and Andy Williams of Wells.Yet another case of home golfers in their best form - another loss for SGC


Match Five

Dean Evans and Ben Gliddon took to the tee at five for SGC and were paired against Jim Saint and Richard Booth of Wells. Here was a chink of light for SGC as a well fought and enjoyable half resulted.

Match Six

Past SGC Secretaries Rob Ford and Mike Nash came out at six and were matched against  Malcolm Terry and John Chillington. Congratulations to John as the new President of Wells and also for the win for him and his partner. The game started with 8 halves and then Wells got the bit between their teeth and there was no stopping them.

Match Seven

Past SGC Skippers Roy Parmiter and Colin Davis managed to hold the SGC head up by winning 1 up against Adrian Lawrence and Mike Stringer of Wells.

Match Eight

Last out for SGC, Steve Butterfield and Tim Nicholls took on Steve Bouquet and Nick Carter of Wells. Sadly the Wells dominance on the day returned and the SGC boys had to surrender.

There are some well know features which make up the uniqueness of Wells as a golf club.


and of course ALAN SHORE, a non playing supporter on the day. It was great to see Alan there.

The scenes around the club house after the match were as warm and friendly as ever.

Then in to dinner and the final speeches.

First Wells team Captain, Phil Slater

and then SGC Skipper, Jim Scott announced the slight SGC loss by 6.5/1.5, and gave a spirited narrative about Henry Longhurst and Peter Alliss

Lastly the trophy was presented to Wells (actually it never leaves Wells,

that does not mean that they always win it, just that it lives there)